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At Nano Clean Solutions we work in partnership with customers to ensure longevity of their flooring and furniture through professional cleaning and protection of any kind of surface.
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Our team of dedicated technicians, having more than 10 years of experience in the field of maintenance and cleaning are highly trained to deliver the best service ever – From Deep cleaning services to nanotechnology protection solutions, we make sure that your family and investments are well protected.

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The Inspiration

Nanotechnology inspired by nature

The lotus plant has very interesting characteristics. Although it grows in muddy waters, its leaves always appear clean.

Dirt particles are picked up by water droplets due to the micro and nanoscopic architecture on the surface, which minimizes the droplets adhesion to that surface, Leaving the lotus leaf extremely non-wettable.

This combination gives it not only super-hydrophobic characteristic but also self-cleaning character.

This natural phenomenon has inspired nano-technologists to develop such a technique which using the same nano-structures forms hydrophobic coatings with a self-cleaning effect.